Welcome to our specialized paint page. We recognize that paint is the single most important product when renovating or improving your home or business. We sell the premium line of paint from PPG. PPG manufactures architectural and industrial coatings. This includes paints, stains, and primers for homeowners or professionals. They have an extensive variety of tints and also make paintbrushes and painting accessories. The staff at Babes Paint Department is friendly and very knowledgeable; they're always happy to help you.


We have state-of-the-art computerized paint-matching color technology. Bring us your paint chip or color sample and we will mix your paint to match it exactly! We sell premium paints and they are made exactly to your order.

Imagine being able to have the exact color that you want in an aerosol can of paint. You no longer have to "settle" for pre-made aerosol paints in cans. We offer a service that creates the exact color that you need and creates the aerosol can in minutes!


We offer a new and unique product that addresses the problem of "New Paint Odor"! Discover "Scentsations". This product removes the paint smell from your freshly painted room... and you can choose a pleasant scent with which to replace it.

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